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    Property Services

    Often home buyers, who approach PNB Housing Finance Limited for home loans, seek pre-approved loans before they finalize the property. In this way, they are able to ascertain their loan eligibility and search for the property of an appropriate price.

    We, at PNB Housing, have established a network of developers across the country and have built strong relationship with them over the years. With this vast network, we have gained access to a wide menu of property inventory ranging from different sizes and budgets.

    We offer our customers services that can help them in selecting and finalizing the most optimal property, considering their budget and other requirements.  Playing the role of facilitator, we introduce the developers to customers guiding them in the first step towards fulfilment of their property requirements.

    Property Services by PNB Housing Finance Limited is a unique platform where customers can avail special offers and discounts from selected developers while seeking their dream homes.

    How can PNB Housing customers benefit from this?

    • PNB Housing offers complimentary services to its customers for shortlisting and finalising the ideal properly, free of cost
    • Our customers have access to developers offering wide range of properties spanning from all sizes and prices
    • Our customers have access to lucrative deals offered by developers
    • We have only RERA approved projects on board, and hence can be trusted by our customers
    • Our customers have an option to discuss and negotiate with developers directly